James McQuillan Raffle

20 JUN 2014 | BY BJ

Could u please put this on the App. Time to step boys & girls , firstly thanks to everyone who has sold & returned raffle books to those who haven’t it gets drawn lunchtime tomorrow it would be good if you could make an effort ( there’s no raffle on gate so get there early & sell your tickets there ) There not hard to sell but like everything no effort no reward some people just don’t try , if you think it’s to hard just think how hard it is for James everyday & that could’ve been you or anyone who plays footy, l bet if it was you you’d be hoping someone was helping you , there’s 50 books still not back so tomorrow when Alysha asks if you’ve sold your tickets make sure you have the right answer. If you want money taken out off match payments let me know. Thx Dave Meehan