Monday training @ Scots, 6:00pm


Training this week:
Monday 6:00pm at Scots School; entry on Young St gates
Bring drink bottles and runners
Tuesday & Thursday at Yack

There will be 3 training session per week for the next 3 weeks. Monday in town and Tuesday & Thursday at Yack.

We really need a commitment to at least 2 sessions, but PREFERABLY ALL 3.

This stretch of training will set us up for a real run at the second half of the season. This is when training usually drops off at clubs as does performance.

But for us we will increase training, skills and fitness to give our club the BEST CHANCE TO SUCCEED

With 9 matches left and with team effort like against Kiewa we are a REAL WINNING CHANCE in every match.

Moment by Moment, Contest by Contest, Session by Session